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Documentary Film

Hello my friends and audiences,

The V-Fort Economic Development Documentary Film is being accepted in its first American festival in Miami, called IndieWise. The festival will be held in August of 2017.

I’m taking this time to thank all my supporters across the globe.


Update:Documentary Film

It’s been a while since my last posting, so here is the latest.

The V-Fort Economic Development Documentary Film Page can be found on Facebook for further review.

A British Film Festival accepted my short film and the Brits nominated the film to semifinals.

15 Bad-Habits and Behaviours You Should Keep Away For Success

Bad-Habit & Behaviour


Whenever it comes to Achieving Success, everyone talks about implementation of Good habits & Good behaviours. But, nobody talks about giving up of Bad-Habits & Bad Behaviours.

It happens, because people love to hear about Positive things and hate or sometimes scare to hear about Negative things or Negative thoughts.

Lots of people think that giving up of bad-habits and behaviours are not much important in their life and that’s why they don’t pay much attention towards it.

In my opinion; this is one of the wrong thinking people have in their mind because giving up of bad-habits & bad behaviours is very much important for everyone, if he or she is on the way towards achieving success.

Bad-habits & bad behaviours put negative effect on our work, our mind & our body and we should get rid or keep away them, from ourselves, for Success Achievement.

In the past 10 years of my life; I have seen lots of people who says, we are trying hard to achieve success from long time but still not get through and couldn’t find out,

what’s the reason behind this?


Don’t even know if we missed something during the process of Success Achievement?

We have searched a lot and were unable to find the answers of these questions. We are worried because this all have putted a big question mark on our way towards success, but still we are so curious if someone could help us out.

After considering the problem of those people, I have written this article to guide, “why it happens with them and what’s the real reason behind their un-success?”

With my Experience in public; the big problem which I have identified is, “most of the peoples in this world loves to learn or has learned about good habits & behaviours.”

While, on the other side; they don’t give-up their bad-habits & behaviours or don’t even care about that giving up of their bad-habits and behaviours plays a key role in Success Achievement. This is surely one of the big causes or a big barrier in their way towards success which they can’t identify.

In addition; “Habits & Behaviours are not genetic in humans. It comes in them as they grow and the best part of habits & behaviours is, you can give-up or change them later on in your life, but for that you should have very strong patience & commitment because they are not easily give-able or changeable.”

Now, my friends; here are those 15 Bad-Habits & Bad-Behaviours you should keep away or get rid of them ASAP and open your ways towards Authentic & Great Success;

1. Angry Behaviour.
2. Delay Work Habit.
3. Un-respectful Behaviour.
4. Un-realistic Attitude.
5. Un-management.
6. Being Selfish.
7. Being Lazy.
8. Not Listening to Others.
9. Doing Same Mistakes again & again.
10. Not having faith in yourself.
11. Once failed never trying again.
12. Wasting your energy in doing useless things.
13. Negative Approach or Negative Thinking.
14. Always lying to others about your mistakes.
15. Too Much Talking without any Cause or Reason.

In the last, I have one advise for you; If you are planning to start your Journey for Success, make sure you are strongly committed to change these two otherwise you will not reach your destination.

Besides this; instead of wasting your time in learning un-needed or useless things, you must give this a strong shot & I am sure you will not disappoint.

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Success of Sairat- Decoded

In this piece, I have tried to share what I believe is the reason for the acclaim, both from the critics and the general audience the Marathi movie Sairat has claimed.

There are movies whose effects on you get washed over by a night’s sleep and then there are MOVIES, like Sairat. The last time I had a terrible movie hangover was Lootera; the temporal setting in the post-independence era, the constant reference to art, and the cinematography of the movie was hard to forget. It took a good two weeks or more to come out of the world that Vikramaditya Motwane and Bhavani Iyer had carved out. Unlike the taste of an unknown world that Lootera left lingering for long, Sairat leaves the bitter-sweet taste of reality stinging.

For those of you who haven’t watched the movie, Sairat is the story of Archie and Parshay, who fall in love and decide to carve a life for themselves.  Sounds like a regular love story doesn’t it? Well, there is a twist, Archie is from the Patil family, a Zamindar family, while Parshay is from a lower caste family. Still not new enough, isn’t it? It’s set in rural Maharashtra of today, that rural India whose realities Bollywood rarely talks of.  And that is where the story gets almost all of its twists from; from the societal intervention to Archie’s father’s upper hand on various issues, to the final fate that the two face.  And that my dear friends is the beauty of the script. Nagaraj chose to tell a known story, one whose beginning, development, and end are all what we often see in News Papers or hear on television. But it is the little details that he added to it, and the path that he paved for the audiences on the terrain of the story that made it memorable.

Of the many scenes, a scene that shows Nagaraj’s attention to detail is the one where Archie and Parshay are drinking water after eloping. They are in Secunderabad standing by a dosa stall, while Parshay drinks water right out of the mug at the stall, while Archie drinks bottled mineral water. Unlike the Hindi film heroines that elope with a person from another class, Archie takes the time to come to terms with the reality that she has chosen. It is this gradual change that one witnesses in the lives of the hero and heroine of the story that not only bring us closer to them but also makes it so compelling. This style of storytelling where the audience is complete equilibrium with the characters is supposed to be in the second circle of awareness; while the three circles of awareness is a concept often used in theater it is extremely useful to writers. Poetry is an excellent example of a writing in the first circle; the original intent with which the piece has been written is neither rarely expressed explicitly nor understood. Regular reports at work or school are examples of third circle writing, where one simply states what happened and all the writer is concerned with is putting out the information that one has. Sometimes, memoirs and autobiographies are also written in the same circle making them obvious choices for dislike.

Slow description and flow, as you might have wondered is not enough. Just slow description in a flow is like the long description of the day that you’d bore your mother with after you returned from school in kindergarten. A story is like a tourist bus tour through the terrain of your thoughts; the faster you travel between the attractions or the key milestones of the less exhausted the tourist is, and the optimal time at those spots fills them up with memories to cherish. Not only is the amount of time that one spends to get to the attractions or spends at those attractions, the order of visit of the attractions and the pacing between them that makes the difference. Nagaraj strikes the right balance of almost all of the above, leaving only a few moments in the movie from being forgotten.

It is this delicate balance of being in the second circle of awareness, of timing, and of placing the events in an interesting chronological order that makes Sairat the marvel it is. And though the fundamental principles may sound easy, it is the terrain of your tale that tests how well you understand it.



“At a certain point I lost track of you
When you left even the stones were buried:
In the lake the arms of temples and mosques are locked in each others reflections
Your history gets in the way of my memory”
-Agha Shahid Ali

In the Winter of 90’s
When nights were long
And life fugitive,
Mothers sang lullabies
For their loved ones

“Dimyo dilas gandyo walaas
Paertho gilass kulni tal…”

Houses burned or empty?
Because they disappeared
Like moon from the sky.
No priest left to save idols
As they passed by the almond trees-
where once we together collected them in our ‘halams’
and the Saffron fields
Which now smells of blood;
-To the plains there, towards my south
hiding their exiled faces

They never came back to see the walls of fire,
The broken bridge and the clay lamps that once scattered light on their pedestals

We disappeared too
No,we did not flee as thee
Some disappeared,some forced to disappear.

“Cholhama roshey,roshey waloo meney pooshey…”

A child carries a coffin of his father on young shoulder
Womens peep through windows to see their heroes
And each day they entomb a minaret
Flowers grow near them, as I count

When they left,
hearts were dipped in blood,
Besieged by winds of grief
But I foresee them coming
Our tragedy is not greater than your tragedy
So come its easy if you come
Our tombstones will lead you to your milestones

(The epigraph of the poem has been taken from Agha Shahid Ali’s poem ‘Farewell’)